ExxonMobil elevates India’s motorsports scene by powering first F4 Championship and Season 2 of Indian Racing League


ExxonMobilis elevating India’s fast-growing motorsports sector by powering the Indian Racing Festival this year, which features the first-ever F4 Indian Championship in the country and the second season of the Indian Racing League (IRL), being held at Chennai’s Madras International Circuit (MIC) and the new Formula Racing Circuit (FCR).
This year will also mark another first in India and South Asia – an exciting calendar of night races at the FCR, located around the Island Grounds in the heart of the city.
This is part of ExxonMobil’s second consecutive year of partnership with Racing Promotions Pvt Ltd (RPPL), underpinned by its commitment to elevate the popularity and reach of motorsports in the country and make it more affordable for all passionate racers.
The partnership with IRL was celebrated at the IRL Pre-Season Test at MIC, Chennai. At the event, drivers showcased Mobil 1TMproducts, in addition to Mobil 1TMbranding displayed prominently across the venue. ExxonMobil is lending confidence to the racers with Mobil 1TM, which has an exceptional track-record in providing outstanding engine performance – which is central to racing.
India’s first franchised-based motorsports league, the IRL Season 2 brings together seven city-based teams. Bringing distinctive standards in competitive motor sporting, IRL has carved a unique niche right from the first year in motor racing, as India’s only four-wheel racing league and the world’s first gender neutral racing championship. In addition to the excitement it offers for racing enthusiasts, IRL also nurtures a new generation of talent for motorsports through internship programs for car mechanics and mechanical engineering students.
The F4 Indian Championship further raises the bar for racing in India, with the grid featuring 11 drivers who have the opportunity to win Super Licence points. The event has attracted participants from around the world, turbocharging India to the global league in motor-racing. Open for open wheel, formula racing cars regulated according to FIA Formula 4 regulations, the event has flagged off to great excitement.
Vipin Rana, CEO–ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd., said: “India’s motorsports scene firing on all cylinders with several passionate racers stepping into the limelight and leveraging the opportunity offered by the Indian Racing Festival. Through our partnership with RPPL, we arenot only building on the success of IRL Season 1 which elevated the nation’s status in global motorsports, but also powering the first ever F4 Indian Championship in the country, which will be a game changer for the sports.The continued collaboration further underlines racer’s trust in Mobil 1TMto deliver seamless performance for their powerful machines. In addition to building a strong community of motorsports enthusiasts, we are highlighting the values of confidence and true sportsmanship and empowering more young people to pursue their passion for motorsports. The event will furtherspur the popularity of motorsports in the country.”
Akhilesh Reddy, Director MEIL and Chairman, RPPL, added: “IRL has defined its credentials as the country’s only one-of-its-kind racing championship – not only encouraging and inspiring more young people to follow motor sports but also shaping a new ecosystem of gender-neutral racing for the first time in the world. We are proud to collaborate with ExxonMobil for the second consecutive year, reflecting our commitment to provide racers with the confidence they need on track that Mobil 1TMassures for any model of racing car. With this, we are also highlighting what goes into powering these machines – lubricants and other products that lend energy and zest to the racers. The partnership will further build a strong motor-racing culture in the country, especially by providing youngers opportunities to pursue motorsports as a career opportunity.”
ExxonMobil brings a strong heritage in developing products that meet the needs of top-tier race teams. Since 1915, ExxonMobil has tested its lubricant technology in racing, helping riders improve performance and lap times. Most recently, Mobil1 turbo-charged the inaugural MotoGP Bharat for the 2023 Grand Prix.


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