Breaking Boundaries: Tushi Motors’ Exclusive Women’s Off-Roading Event with the Maruti Suzuki JIMNY


Tushi Motors Presents Unforgettable Women Exclusive Off-Roading Adventure with the New Maruti Suzuki JIMNY

BHUBANESWAR – Tushi Motors, the leading Maruti Suzuki car dealership, recently hosted an unprecedented women-exclusive off-roading experience featuring the all-new Maruti Suzuki JIMNY. .The event, aptly titled “Woman Exclusive with New Maruti Suzuki JIMNY,” marked a remarkable convergence of rugged adventure, off-road prowess, and a strategic move to explore new horizons in the market. Tushi Motors NEXA, renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction and its comprehensive range of Maruti Suzuki cars, took a bold step in providing women with a unique and thrilling opportunity to conquer the untamed terrain.The JIMNY, renowned for its uncompromising features and its reputation as a serious off-road machine, served as the perfect companion for this extraordinary adventure. Participants were treated to an exhilarating experience that showcased the JIMNY’s exceptional capabilities, highlighting its agility, power, and finesse on challenging terrains.”We wanted to create an unforgettable experience for the adventurous women in our community, and the Maruti Suzuki JIMNY was the ideal vehicle to make it happen,” said Preeti Pallavi Patnaik (MD Tushi Motors) “This event was not just about off-roading; it was to embrace the thrill of the great outdoors and conquer the rugged paths less travelled.”By showcasing the JIMNY’s capabilities and its commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, Tushi Motors NEXA aimed to establish strong connections with a new customer base.Participants at the event were able to test the limits of the Maruti Suzuki JIMNY under the expert guidance of seasoned off-roading instructors. The women-exclusive off-roading adventure fostered an environment of camaraderie, learning, and self-discovery, proving that adventure knows no gender boundaries. Moreover, the event served as a remarkable platform for Tushi Motors NEXA to delve into a previously untapped customer base.”The JIMNY’s off-roading capabilities are truly impressive, and it handled the challenging terrain effortlessly,” shared one of the participants lipsa panda. “But what made this event truly exceptional was the opportunity it provided for women to come together, support one another, and push their limits.”The event also included workshops on vehicle maintenance, safety, and the importance of environmental conservation. As a testament to its dedication to customer satisfaction, Tushi Motors ensured that every detail of the “Woman Exclusive with New Maruti Suzuki JIMNY” event was meticulously planned and executed, resulting in an adventure that will be etched in the memories of participants for years to come.


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