Workshop on Business Storytelling by INWEC


Bhubaneswar:The ICC National Women’s Entrepreneurship Council (INWEC) successfully hosted an empowering and inspiring workshop led by the renowned marketer Mr. Bharat Avalani, CEO and Founder of Connecting the Dots Consultancy and Global Partner at Anecdote. The event took place at Lyfe Hotel, Bhubaneswar bringing together 40-50 women entrepreneurs for an enriching experience aimed at mastering the art of storytelling.With the generous support of Nuvama Wealth as the title sponsor and associate sponsors including Stratagem Architects, Lexicon Institute, Kaustav Dreamworks, Label Roshan, Kisara Group, Lalchand Jewellers, Carzspa, Aditya Associates, and A&N Architects & Designers, the workshop provided a transformative opportunity for participants. Kokobella also contributed as the gifting partner, enhancing the overall experience.
The workshop’s main objective was to elevate the storytelling skills of women entrepreneurs, enabling them to convey their ideas with clarity, conciseness, and resonance. Mr. Avalani’s expertise guided attendees through the process of crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences, whether pitching for funding, attracting clients, or making strategic decisions.By honing their storytelling prowess, participants were equipped to navigate barriers and biases more effectively, fostering openness and receptivity to their perspectives. The workshop emphasized authenticity and credibility, crucial traits in building trust and rapport with stakeholders. As women entrepreneurs harness the power of storytelling, they unlock new avenues for growth, innovation, and influence within their businesses and beyond.Feedback from attendees highlighted the workshop’s impact on their confidence and ability to articulate their visions more effectively. One participant noted, “This workshop has transformed how I approach storytelling in my business. I feel more confident in sharing my story and connecting with my audience on a deeper level.”Ultimately, the event empowered women entrepreneurs to not only thrive in their ventures but also to inspire and lead with impact in their respective industries. INWEC remains committed to supporting women entrepreneurs through such transformative initiatives, fostering a community of leaders who drive innovation and change.


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