Summer and Psoriasis: Here is what you need to know


Come March and winter dryness becomes thing of the past – a happy time for psoriasis patients with abundant sunlight and high humidity that can help soothe symptoms. While sunlight is beneficial for psoriasis patients, overexposure to ultraviolet light can trigger a flare-up in symptoms. Summer heat coupled with sweating can even worsen the condition especially on visible areas like faceand scalp. This makes it critical for Psoriasis patients to take care of their skin during summer months too.

Every psoriasis patient is different and needs a treatment plan considering individual triggers and lifestyle. Especially during summer, psoriasis patients should keep a close watch on symptoms and immediately contact their dermatologist to get the symptoms resolved before they turn into severe psoriasis flares. Advanced therapy options like biologics work wonders for many psoriasis patients as they offer good control on symptoms and are safe and effective. Additionally, following skincare routines with regular follow-ups with a dermatologist can help patients keep their psoriasis symptoms at bay.
According to Dr.Bikash Kar, Dermatologist, Skin care clinic, Bhubaneshwar,“Even though psoriasis symptoms tend to improve during summer, there are still a number of psoriasis triggers like sunburns, insect bites or even dry skin after swimming, that can lead to worsening of symptoms. Hence taking care of your skin with holistic psoriasis management is essential to keep your psoriasis in check and enjoy a hassle-free summer.”
Tips to get psoriasis flare-free summertime:

o Choose the right clothing in summer:
To avoid excessive sweating, people with psoriasis should prefer loose fitting,light coloured clothing with breathable fabric, preferably cotton. Cotton absorbs sweat on the skin, avoids dampness, and maintains body temperature. This helps in avoiding skin irritation and infections which could trigger the condition

o Get the right amount of sun exposure:
Although ultraviolet rays from sunlightare beneficial in reducing inflammation and help ease out psoriasis symptoms, long exposure to sunlightalso causes sunburns and can trigger psoriasis flares. Talk to your dermatologists about the right sunscreen protection for your skin, with sunscreens SPF 30 or higher is usually recommended, to protect your skin from sunburns

o Consult your dermatologist for the right treatment plan:
Managing psoriasis is a continuous process. Dermatologists have the expertise to recommend the right treatment plan considering the trigger and the severity of the condition.Regular dermatologist conversations also play a major role in guiding patients about skincare techniques, trigger management and boost patients’ morale

Enjoying a psoriasis-free summer is every psoriasis patient’s dream. Making healthy choices, controlling psoriasis with right medications and adapting to skincare techniques as part of routine can help psoriasis patients live their dream.


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