Premium Laundry Services Starts In Smartcity


Odisha News Today Bureau:

Smart City Bhubaneswar is all set to witness the Advent of Brand New premium and eco – friendly Laundry and Dry Clean services. Metanoia Enterprises is introducing The Tumbledry, containing the ultramodern cleaning technology as its maiden startup venture in Odisha. World Class Technology combined with state of the art machineries are scheduled to provide matchless washing facilities in a smooth and proficient manner. The entire innovative cleaning process is solely designed to lessen the unnecessary burden being borne by our families owing to this tedious and time consuming household chores.
The three young Proprietors of Metanoia Enterprises Raben Padhee, Srikant Nayak and Priyaranjan Patnaik have joined hands to introduce this ultimate cleaning culture in Odisha for the first time. The sole purpose is to ease out the mandatory hassles being confronted in our domestic life having working mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands and passive seniors. The mission and vision of this initiative is also to promote the start up movement in Odisha. The followings are the highlights of Tumbledry, Patia:
Gentler on Clothes: The customer gets prime advantage of drycleaning because Tumbledry uses eco – friendly chemicals which is less abrasive on clothes and environment.
Super Convenient and Live washing: Customers can witness their clothes being washed and dry- cleaned in front of their eyes. Tumbledry Offers dry cleaning benefits to their customers with hassle free booking through mobile apps, clothes pickup and delivery to the location in folded and sealed bags protective to the doorstep.
Perfection in Stain Removal: Generally people are used to try home remedies to remove stains from the clothes but some stains are so stubborn that these are almost impossible to get erased at home. These daunting jobs are cautiously taken care of by well trained professionals at Tumbledry Patia.
Delicate Washing: Delicate fabrics such as chiffon, moire, ninon and embroidered silk require careful and sensitive handling while cleaning which is available at Tumbledry with their exclusive washing facilities for such clothes keeping their fine texture intact.
Same Day Cleaning and Delivery: The super speciality service being provided at Tumbledry Patia is that the Customers get delivery of their clothes in the same day with the perks of additional cleaning services. Top notch laundry services at tumbledry include steam ironing, on site – cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet and sofa cleaning.
The Tumble dry store, Near KIIT Square is at Patia in Bhubaneswar is going to be inaugurated at 6.30 P.M. on Friday 9th April 2021. Ollywood Superstar Sabyasachi Mishra, World Odisha Society Chairman Kishore Dwibedi, and Chief vigilance officer of Tata Power Brahmananda Dandapat will be present as distinguished guests during the occasion.


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