Odisha State Employment Guarantee Council Meeting



The sixth State Employment Guarantee Council, constituted under Section 10 of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (Mahatma Gandhi NREGA), 2005 was held today chaired by Pratap Jena, Minister Panchayati Raj & Drinking water, Law , Housing & Urban Development.
It is revealed that MGNREGS has made significant impact on livelihood security through durable assets and enhancement of income of the rural and vulnerable households by creating employment opportunities.Due to increase in work demands, the person days generation has been increased steadily over the years as follows:
Year Persondays generated % growth
2018-19 8.30 crore
2019-20 11.14 crore 34%
2020-21 20.19 crore 81%

The State has achieved 20 crore person days mark during the fY:2020-21 providing employment to 37.01 lakh households.Such milestone has been possible due to close coordination among the districts as well as line departments.
In 2018-19, 0.47 lakh households have completed 100 days. While it increased to 1.61 lakh in 2019-20 and 3.75 lakh in 2020-21.
SC&ST, and Women participation touched 49% and 45% in 2020-21.
Average days of employment per household remained all time high of 54.6 in 2020-21 as against 47.9 in 2019-20 and 38.6 in 2018-19.
The payment of wages in T+15 days made significant progress during the year: 2020-21 with achievement of 99.1%.
In order to address distress migration in 20 migration prone blocks, the State Government has made provision of minimum wage rate of Rs.308/- per person per day by topping up Rs.101/- per person per day out of State Budget over the entitled wage of Rs.207/- under MGNREGS and approval of Additional 200 days of work in 20 migration prone blocks. There is a significant increase in persondays employment generation with 2.10 crore covering 3.35 lakh households. Besides 70,224HH completed 100 days, 31,667 HH completed 150 days, 9368 HH completed 200 days and 59 HH completed 300 days in FY:2020-21.
Similar provision of minimum wage has been made in 06 DMF districts like Sundargarh, Angul, Jharsuguda, Mayurbhanj (3 Blocks), Keonjhar and Jajpur.
During the FY:2021-22, road maps for ensuring rural livelihoods and to alleviate rural distress has been discussed with emphasis to NRM works and Individual Assistance with livelihood generation, and effective convergence with line departments .
Remarks of Hon’ble Minister
• Since MGNREGS has successfully achieved the milestone of 20 crore person days, and provided employment to migrant workers, all out efforts should be made to implement the scheme effectively in FY: 2021-22.
• The line departments should cooperate for strengthening the livelihoods of rural poor.
• Focus activities like Renovation of traditional water bodies, Rural park, Play ground etc may be implemented.
• The provision of minimum wage rate in other blocks of districts like that of 20 migration prone blocks and DMF districts may be explored for creation of more persondays as well as development of the rural poor.

Principal Secretaries / Secretaries of various Departments were present in the meeting. Principal Secretary, PR & DW Dept in his welcome address highlighted the objectives of the meeting and also proposed vote of thanks .


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