New Food Show Petu Nana nka Peta Puja in Tarang TV


Odisha News Today Bureau:

Who doesn’t like to eat! But if you eat endlessly and make your belly metaphorically a football, then what people will call you – yes, you will become fat-bellied! Odisha’s popular entertainment channel Taranga TV is coming with such a man with their new food show ‘Petu Nana Nka Peta Puja’. The programme will be a fusion of travel and food, served hot with comedy of award winning actor Sri Antaryami Panda who is going to host the unusual show.
With the aim of exploring preparation of traditional as well as modern food recipes ‘Petu Nana Nka Peta Puja’ will start from 10th August. The anchor will travel to different towns and walk around various tourism spots prior to visiting the family where he will taste a unique recipe. Not only that, the anchor will also discover lesser known street foods in nuke and corner of the city he is visiting. Different from other food programmes currently running, ‘Petu Nana Nka Peta Puja’ will have a unique and innovative approach blending travel, food, humour and adventure all together in one show.
Made with joint effort of prominent advertising agency of Odisha- Sanket Communication and premier production house of Odisha- Lighthouse, ‘Petu Nana Nka Peta Puja’ will come twice a week on every Saturday and Sunday at 5pm on Taranga TV. The telecast will be repeated on Monday and Tuesday at 9 am.


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