National Seminar on Mental Health Held at BJB College Under Mo College Abhijan


Bhubaneswar, 26.04.2022: A national seminar on ‘Mental Wellness and Today’s Youth: Stigma and Concerns’ was organised by BJB Autonomous College in association with Mo College, on Tuesday. Key speaker of the event was Dr. Sunita Reddy, Associate Professor, Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU Delhi while Mo College Chairperson Shri Akash Dasnayak graced the occasion as Guest of Honour.

Addressing the students, Chairperson Mo College Shri Akash Dasnayak said, “The competitive structure of our society often leads to anxiety and depression in the youth. However, mental health shouldn’t be taken for granted nor should it be ignored. Even our role models have suffered from mental issues and one must confront his or her worst fear. Hence we must discuss our issues with a professional and try to find solutions to overcome the same.”

“Be responsible for your action and never compare yourself to others. You are unique and so is your journey. Make good use of your energy and have a holistic development of your personality. Join creative aspects of life like music, dance, recitation, creative writing etc. These activities will help one to focus and fight back anxiety and depression”, expert on the subject Dr. Sunita Reddy informed the students.

In his address, Principal Niranjan Mishra stated, “Mental health is the most sought-after issues of today which should be addressed both by parents as well as by teachers. Verbal, Social, Cyber bullying, facing discrimination, anxiety, lack of self esteem, often leads to mental health condition. Therefore, it should be addressed properly.

Convened by Dr. Itishree Padhi, Professor, Dept of Anthropology, the seminar was attended by 200 students. Both Chairperson Mo College Shri Akash Dasnayak and Dr. Sunita Reddy Associate Professor, Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU Delhi were felicitated by the Principal. An interactive session was held prior to conclusion of the seminar. The Vote of Thanks Prof Sadhana Satpathy, Dept of Economics.


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