Black Eagle Books ‘s Odia Book exhibition and release of Pratibha Ray’s novel ” After the Deluge”


Odisha News Today Bureau:
Black Eagle Books organized a day-long book exhibition on 7th Aug 2021,  at Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Dublin branch located in the USA’s Ohio State. More than 200 Odia books were exhibited. The inaugural function unfolded amidst a packed hall of book lovers.
In the welcome address, Satya Pattanaik, Director, Black Eagle Books said, “This book exhibition is a festival of literature. This is a ceremony of knowledge and information. Indian diaspora has a history of more than 200  years, has contributed towards the economic growth of the host country and has influenced politically too. But we have not  portrayed our culture in the host country effectively. We can mitigate the gap by providing enough literature or books which would represent our culture and tradition. We are laying the foundation of opening the windows to explore another horizon which is unexplored by this part of the world. This exhibition will be arranged in different cities of the USA and Canada in the coming days.”
Chief guest, Prof. Bishun Pandey, Associate Dean, Ohio State University said, “All of us who come to US, UK or any country are able to come here & thrive because our love for reading and our connections with books. However, the books we read in school & college are about math, science, & technology. When we are here we stay & work together with our community to pass on the culture & traditions of India. We have built many temples and teach our kids. However, we need books about our religion, culture & traditions specifically for the next generation. So Black Eagle Books will fill that gap.”
Guest of Honor, Prof. Dhabaleswar Panda, Professor.Computer Science& Engineering, Ohio State University said, “40-50 years ago we were reading Odia translations of Three Musketeers, Gulliver’s Travels etc. It was the Harry Potters series of that era. Now, Black Eagle Books is bringing tales of Odisha to the world. I expect to see these books become available in the electronic forms and movies must be made on the stories from these books. And these movies must be available thru Netflix & Amazon. Only  sky’s the limit.”
Guest of Honor, Prof. Ila Nagar ,Ohio State University said, “Most  knowledge about India reaches the diaspora through Bollywood. Bollywood actually is more of a gloss-over sort of information about race, religion & human interaction etc. The actual information comes through  books written in Indian languages about Indian things.” Guest of Honor, Prof. Vladimir Steffel, Ohio State University,  spoke about his visit to India, specifically visiting Taj Mahal and how an immigrant finds his way in America. The first generation Indian diaspora sticks together and the next generations seems to mingle better with the natives. However, there is a need for them to know who they are and where they come from.There is a great pressure for us to speak English & embrace everything American. However, it’s necessary to keep your ethnic identity”, he said.
During the program, eminent author Pratibha Ray’s novel, “After the Deluge” (translation of “Magnamati”  by Prafulla Kumar Mohanty) was released by the guests. Author Sukant Mishra was felicitated in the program.The program was anchored by Swati Mishra and Surit Maharana gave the thank you note.
Program was successfully organized by the volunteers Debadatta Patel, Sarita Patel, Rashmita Maharana, Swadhin Patnaik, Nirupam Acharya, Sudha Mohanty and Snigdha Patnaik.


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