The Odisha Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India- CREDAI.ODISHA has opened today it’s new City Chapter in PURI. The installation ceremony was attended by all Governing Body members of the state confederation and members of Puri City Chapters. Expressing pleasure over it, President of the state confederation, Mr. Swadesh Kumar Routray said that this shall bring forth new hopes for people of the heritage town in adding colour to the city’s house building sector. He asserted that it is yet another milestone in consolidating House Builders & Realtors fraternity. CREDAI Odisha President further explained that CREDAI represents over 13,300 + developers across the country in major 21 leading states through 230 City Level Associations. He said, The Chairman of CREDAI Odisha Mr. D.S. Tripathy assured in an applauding voice that CREDAI’s mission to achieve around success in House Building & Realcon sector shall go on. Expecting hard works & determination from members of Puri City Chapter, Mr. Tripathy said that this City Chapter shall shine like previously installed 6 City Chapters. In light of recent discussions, several key challenges encountered by promoters in Puri have been brought to attention: 1) Clarity on AAI Approval for Sri Jagannath International Airport: It has been highlighted that clarity is needed from the relevant authorities, namely PKDA and AAI, regarding the necessity of clearance or NOC from AAI for the proposed Sri Jagannath International Airport. As AAI has not yet granted approval for the construction of the proposed airport, it is suggested that insistence on such approval be reconsidered. 2) Stalled Projects Due to AAI NOC and Temple Delay: Numerous projects in Puri are experiencing delays attributed to the requirement for AAI NOC and delays in obtaining Temple NOC. These setbacks result in signi icant losses for promoters, revenue losses for the state, and unemployment concerns. 3) Timely Granting of Temple NOC: It is advocated that Temple NOC be granted within a timeframe of 30 days to streamline the project implementation process and mitigate delays. These issues underscore the importance of addressing regulatory challenges to facilitate smoother project execution and promote economic growth in the region. Following members were unanimously nominated to the Governing Body of the newly installed City Chapter:  President, Sri Ashis Kumar Satapathy,  Vice President, Sri Srikant Kumar Dash  General Secretary, Sri Saroj Kumar Panigrahy,  Joint Secretary Sri Narasingha Tiadi & Sri Pramit Kumar Das  Treasurer, Santosh Kumar Patra  Executive Committee: Sri Ajay Agarwal & Sri Himanshu Sekhar Nayak & other 04 members elected as Executive Committee Member. On this Installation Ceremony the Following dignitaries were present: Sri Binay Krishna Das, Vice Chairman, Sri Santosh Kumar Sahoo, Vice President, Sri Anil Kumar Agarwal, Secretary and Sri Suryakanta Behera, Treasurer of CREDAI Odisha State Federation and other dignitaries Sri Uma Shankar Panigrahi, President of CREDAI Berhampur, Ms. So ia Firdous, President, Sri Jagat Kumar Kar Secretary of CREDAI Bhubaneswar, Mr. P. R. Maharana, President, Sri Prakash Nangalia Secretary of CREDAI Cuttack and Sri Bibhu Chandan Jena, President of CREDAI Balasore.


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