Bhubaneswar dominated conversations around ‘doing good deeds’, ‘family’ and ‘pets’ on Twitter in 2019


Odisha News Today Bureau:

A study commissioned by Twitter India shows that Indians found joy in everyday conversations last year. The team analysed 850,000 Tweets across 22 cities in India from September-November 2019. As per the study, in 2019, Bhubaneswar topped the maximum themes of joyful conversations with its Tweet volumes; including ‘doing good deeds’, ‘family’, ‘pets’ and ‘adventure & travel’
Another themes of joy that saw high level interest and contribution from people of Bhubaneswar was ‘sports’ and ‘achievement’ With Conversation Replay, Twitter is throwing it back to those joyful conversations from 2019, so people can revisit the little pleasures of life again.
There is joy in our immediate surroundings and everyday conversations – the familiar and the mundane. If 2020 is teaching us anything, it is this. As we continue to stay indoors and practise social distancing, Twitter is throwing it back to 2019, right before the world around us started to change. Twitter wants Indians to lookback, relive and rejoice those little sources of joy that they found in their everyday lives last year through Conversation Replay, which focuses on top joyful conversations on the service around the same time last year.
Indians have always taken to Twitter to share anecdotes and experiences of their day-to-day lives. They write casual commentaries on food and celebrate nice weather, proving that joy is in the little pleasures. To get more insights into what brought people joy before 2020, Twitter India commissioned Quilt.AI* to analyse the conversations on the service. The team studied 850,000 Tweets across 22 cities in India from same time last year, i.e. September-November 2019, over a 100-day framework.

The study found that the ten most talked about themes included: Animals, Celebration, Celebrity content, Doing good deeds, Family, Food, Humour, Nostalgia, Romance and Sports (listed in alphabetical order).

Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director, Twitter India says, “Twitter is a modern public square where diverse voices discuss and share their views on topics and conversations that interest them. Last year, people were celebrating and revelling in many joys of life, and with Conversation Replay, our intent is to throw back to those vibrant conversations, across varied themes of joy from diverse parts of India, to encourage people to celebrate life. Sharing these conversations is our way of giving Indians a moment of happiness and reminding them that joy can still be found in little pleasures.


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