Arun Sahoo lauded the Higher Education Initiative of OSA


Odisha News Today Bureau:

Odisha Higher Education Minister Arun Sahoo lauded the Higher Education Initiative being undertaken by Odisha Society of Americas (OSA). Particularly Dr. Sahoo appreciated the efforts being carried on by the Global Higher Education Committee(GHEC) floated by O.S.A for the development of the Higher Education in Odisha. Recently Dr Sahoo had a brainstorming Web Session with the representatives of O.S.A, GHEC, State Govt. Officials and VCs of different Universities. Attended by top Odia educationists and academicians of the World, The meeting deliberated on the measures to be initiated to enhance the quality of Higher Education of the Public Universities in Odisha.
Extending a Warm Welcome to the participants, the Higher Education Minister Dr. Sahoo addressed the current issues and challenges before Higher Education sector in Odisha. It was agreed upon during the livestreaming interaction that the International Community would be hosting Webinars and formulating the topics on institutional development depending on the needs of various departments of Universities, the Public Universities in Odisha will facilitate the International students as well as faculty exchange programmes starting with US Universities, the Higher Education Department of Government of Odisha will be ensuring the availability of upgraded WIFI Broadband in all the University Campuses expeditiously, the faculty Profile and their research interests will be clearly placed in the University Websites so that the Global Higher Education Committee will be able to facilitate the collaboration with the International faculty members and researchers, the proposal for the formation of a strong alumni database for each University was given paramount importance leveraging the ongoing “ Mo college” initiative and fostering of industry collaborations by establishing centres of excellence in Universities with innovation and incubation facilities.
The proposal of formation of an external Advisory Council for the universities was also received very well by the Higher Education Minister, Dr. Sahoo, Principal Secretary Shri Saswat Mishra and the VCs of various universities starting with inclusion of eminent personalities as syndicate members. Dr. sahoo agreed for the follow up meetings to be held quarterly with the representatives of OSA and Global Higher Education Committee, Sate Government Authorities and VCs of Public Universities for the exchange and implementation of ideas and Review the implementation of the programmes and projects in the future.
Other dignitaries who attended the marathon internet meeting include Prof. Asoka Das, Vice Chairman of Odisha State Higher Education Council ; Prof. Sabita Aacharya, Vice- Chancellor of Utkal University; Prof. Dinabandhu Sahoo, Vice- Chancellor of Fakir Mohan University ; Prof. Harihar Hota, Vice- Chancellor of Sri Jagannath Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya; Prof. Aparajita Choudhary, Vice- Chancellor of Rama Devi Womens’ University; Prof. N. Nagaraju, Vice- Chancellor of Gangadhar Meher University; Prof. Kishore Kumar Basa , Vice- Chancellor of Maharaja Shree Ram Chandra Bhanjadeo University ; Dr. Manoj Pujari, Registerar of Odisha State Open University, Sambalpur And Shri Akash Dasnayak , Chairperson of Mo College Programme. The International Committee was represented by Kuku Das, President of OSA , Prof. Anil Patnaik, Vice President of OSA, Professor Durga Madhav Mishra of New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA, Dr. Ajay Mohanty of Deloitte and Touche, USA , Prof. Chitta Baral of Arizona State University, USA and Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Panda of National University of Singapore.


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