Women’s Day Celebrate by Respect India Foundation


Bhubaneswar:International Women’s Day has been celebrated in New Delhi by the Respect India Foundation. Union Agriculture Minister and former Sikkim Governor Kailash Chowdhury was the chief guest at the event. Eminent writer BB Singh, Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter Tara Gandhi Bhattacharya, Parichaya Foundation founder Dr Rosalin Pattashani, President of the Respect India Foundation Dr. Nirmala Gehlot and Editor Dr. Manish Chowdhury joined as the guest.

Women have a special place in our civilization, constitution and reform. Women are a symbol of the strength and pride of our country. The guests were of the opinion that education should be accessible to women of all walks of life in the society. Various successful personalities from the administrative services, medical sciences, industry and the media are honored on the occasion.


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