BMC fights Corona pandemic

Doctors at 1929 Call Centre come to the rescue of COVID positive cases


Odisha News Today Bureau:

Doctors deputed at 1929 Call Centre of Bhubaneswar Operations Centre have started helping people fighting COVID-19 in a better way.
While counselling by doctors has always got a distinct touch of confidence building measure, patients panicking to join a COVID hospital are now getting ample confidence to stay under Home Isolation, if they are either asymptomatic or mild symptomatic.
“If you are COVID-19 positive and asymptomatic or mild symptomatic and you have facilities like a separate room and toilet in your house, then you may not need to go and get yourself admitted to a COVID Care Centre or hospital always, rather home isolation could be a good option for you,’’ explains Dr Gopal Krushna Kar, an Ayurvedic Medical Officer (AMO) deputed at the call centre.
Explaining the anxiety and stress of the COVID-19 positive patients, Dr Kar said “majority of the callers to our 1929 Call Centre at Bhubaneswar Smart City think that if one is found Corona positive, he/she has to be hospitalized and there is no way out. However, if a person is without any symptoms and healthy then there is no need to be worried and he/she can be under Home Isolation. We talk to people and build their confidence and many are really following our advice with positive attitude.’’
Staying under Home Isolation has also its good effects as the patient gets the home cooked food and the attention and wishes from his kin at home and it, eventually helps in the faster recovery process.
Dr Kar, however, explained that a COVID-19 positive with some symptoms like high fever, weakness, trouble in breathing, recurrent vomiting, lose motion and unable to lift from bed etc. then he/she needs to be admitted to a hospital.
As per the guidelines issued by the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) the COVID-19 positive patients under Home Isolation should maintain proper protocol while staying under the same facility so that other family members would not be infected by the virus. Proper adherence to the guidelines will definitely help the entire family, but without this it could be counterproductive.
Dr Annada Mishra, another AMO deputed at 1929 Call Centre said “we are advising COVID-19 positive patients to remain 10 days under Home Isolation and another seven days under Home Quarantine so that they can be totally fit before joining their work. The seven days’ quarantine period could also be extended depending on the condition of the patient. It might vary from person to person.’’
“Currently two doctors have been assigned per shift to take calls at the 1929 Call Centre and gradually the number will be increased depending on the call load,’’ said BMC Additional Commissioner Parul Patawari.
The 1929 Call Centre at Bhubaneswar Smart City is a collaborative initiative of BMC, BSCL, Bhubaneswar Development Authority and Health and Family Welfare Department. Apart from the doctors, the Health and Family Welfare Department has also deputed two clinical psychologists and one psychiatric social worker from Capital Hospital to talk to Home Isolation cases and help them in building their confidence level.


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